Marcia Lieberman Photography

Lieberman is a San Francisco based photographer who specializes in making images of people of note. She has worked in both the fine art and commercial arenas. She is particularly adept at encouraging a personality to come forth during a photo session and some of this skill comes from working in the field of Psychiatry prior to her becoming a photographer. She has a deep conviction and interest in people and often spends time reading or researching her subject before meeting them in the studio. Often she is sent on assignments when the subject is difficult or their is a sensitive issue being portrayed. Her clients find her responsible and productive no matter the complexity of the work.

CCAC Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA 2002
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1999*
Advertising Photographers of America, San Francisco, CA 1997
San Francisco Opera Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1993*
Advertising Photographers of America, San Francisco, CA 1993
University of California Galleria, San Francisco, CA 1993*
Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York, NY 1989*
FOTO Gallery, New York, NY 1983
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Rental Gallery, S.F. CA 1982
AIR Gallery, New York, NY 1982
L'Oiel du Diaph, Paris 1979*
Alfred University, Alfred, NY 1979
University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA 1976*
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 1978
Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1978*
Center for Photography, Carmel, CA 1976
Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1975
Stanford Palo Alto Art Center, Stanford, CA 1975
* designates solo exhibitions

Esquire Magazine, New York
MS. Magazine, New York
Savvy Magazine, New York
Health Magazine, San Francisco
Vogue Magazine, New York
Glamour Magazine, New York
Focus Magazine, San Francisco
Ambiente Magazine, Germany
Marie Claire Mondadori, Milano
Time Magazine, New York
Mirabella, London
Elle Magazine, London, New York
L.A. Times Magazine, Los Angeles
Omni Magazine, New York
Opera News Magazine, New York
Self Magazine, New York
Mother Jones Magazine, San Francisco
Follow Me Magazine, Australia
Die Welt, West Germany
Working Woman Magazine, New York
Examiner Magazine, San Francisco
Stern Magazine, Hamburg
Star Benne, Milano
London Times, London
Parenting Magazine, San Francisco
Fairfax Publishing, Australia
WWD, New York
Decoration Magazine, Hamburg
Stanford Medical Center, Stanford
BBC Corporation, London
San Francisco Opera, San Francisco
Mc Cann Erickson Advertising, San Francisco
Herring Newman Advertising, San Francisco
Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco
Pac Bell Co., San Francisco
Hoffman Lewis, Oakland, CA
Bozell Testa Pella Rossetti Agency, Milano
Sperling Kupfer Editore, Milano
Sackett Design, San Francisco
Yoshi Okita Design, San Francisco
Saatchi & Saatchi, San Francisco
Craven & Evans Publications and Graphics, New York
Goldman-Sachs, New York
Hewitt Associates/Mervyns, San Francisco
C.A.M.I. Associates, New York
Target Corportation, New York
National Semiconductor Corporation, Menlo Park
RayChem Corporations, Menlo Park
Harper Collins , New York
Feltrinelli Editore, Milano
Editions Robert Laffont, Paris
Lippincott and Co., Philadelphia
Antheneum, New York

Collections and Honorarium:
Bibliotech Nationale, Paris
University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA
New York Arts Council Grant, New York 1986
MOCHA Museum, New York, honorarium lecturer 1989
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, honorarium 1992
Selected Judge for Bay Guardian Photography Competition 1995

Special Projects:
1.Women In Politics: National Press Core, Women's Division of the Democratic National Party --Project on women in politics documenting how women participate in political process including the 1984 Ferraro campaign.

2. Tehauna Women:1986. Project on matrifocal community in Mexico. Portraits, interviews. Accompanying text by Isabel Allende. Additional text by Chinas, University of California, Department of Anthropology, who has studied this group over 20 yrs. Exhibition and Lecture series at MOCHA, New York.

3. When Divas Confess: Portraits of singers backstage in studio setting showing balance of private person and character portrayed in opera. Historical reference to kinds of personalities that occur in opera and the singer's personal interpretation. Published by Universe/Rizzoli Spring 1999. Text by Paul Griffiths, New York Times music critic.

4. Maenhir of Wales: Current. Documentation of standing stones in South Wales with accompanying stories and legends as told by landowners and historians. Text and historical research by Terry Johns.

Artist Statement:
As a free-lance photographer, I realize the importance of solving problems for my client and making the job easier.

Whether in the studio or on location, I try to work quickly and directly. All production needs are handled by the studio and my skilled staff. Working in the field I am keenly aware of the need for responsibility, resourcefulness, and refreshing ideas. As a problem solver, I try to provide the client with the best possible solutions.

I feel being an active APA member, a lecturer at the University of California, and a published author help to deepen and broaden my skills as a free-lance photographer.

I'm pleased you've taken the time to read this statement. I look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working together.